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I’ve written visa petition letters, revamped hospital websites, created the landing page for a boutique tea company, written ads for clothing lines, edited video scripts and articles for medical journals, and more. My work has appeared in several travel sites.

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I leverage language to craft compelling narratives and elevate brands. If you need someone to create content, tell a story, or highlight something you think the world should know, get in touch.


Greetings from the sometimes sunny, always beautiful Boston! My name is Becca, and while my past and present job titles are the least interesting part of my life, here they are in chronological order: salad wizard, waitress, legal writing specialist, English instructor, and lead copywriter and editor. A Cincinnatian by birth, I moved to Detroit after I got my master’s degree and drank all of the coffee and ate all of the cherries that I could find. I’ve been an expat in the Middle East and North Africa 6 or 7 times–at this point, I’ve lost count.


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Wanderlust Travel Magazine

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Beacon St., Boston, MA

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